MPI - Menu for Policy Inspiration

Building on the STEAM+ Innovation Lab approach, Honours Programmes, Hackathons as well as other experiences accumulated in our partner countries, we created a ‘Menu for Policy Inspiration (MPI)’ for policy makers to be inspired by these examples and learn more about STEAM+ programmes in higher education institutes (HEI). With the Menu, we aim to raise awareness of the relevance of the STEAM+ approach in higher education and hope to equip policy makers with theoretical as well as practical information on how to support the development of transdisciplinary programmes in their countries. In order to achieve this, we identified good practices in talent development education from nine project partners and collected key information on these programmes.

In addition to presenting good practice examples of existing programmes, the Menu gives theoretical information on transdisciplinary education and its benefits, provides valuable advice on how to initiate programmes in your own country and lists possibilities for networking. Thus, it can be understood as a guidance or an orientation aid. Input for this Menu was collected in national meetings with teaching staff, students and local/national policy makers in the individual countries as well as in international policy meet-ups at which an exchange of experiences across countries took place. Though the Menu gives some general advice on initiating a programme, it cannot be considered a detailed instruction on implementation, due to the diverse, complex and dynamically developing educational policies in different countries. Rather, we hope to win the support of policy makers across Europe to take on the challenge and find individual ways to advocate transdisciplinary education in their respective countries and to become more interconnected.

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